What we do...

"We are a support mechanism"

We are an independent and impartial consultancy group, made up of industry professionals, tackling structural racism in drama schools. Our group comprises of former members of Equity’s Race Equality Committee and others. In the wake of the global Black Lives Matter movement, there has been an outpouring on social media from Black and minority ethnic drama school students, highlighting problematic elements of their training.


We have a two-pronged approach in our collection of data, combining the anecdotal, lived experience of students of colour, with hard statistical analysis from the admissions departments of each school. Our aim is to create a comprehensive overview of the experience of, and support systems available to, undergraduates and alumni of colour. Our data capture includes:

  • The admissions process and the current percentage of students who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

  • The percentage of each course that covers writers, techniques, and texts (stage, screen, and radio) from various cultural and racial backgrounds, including writers of colour, writers from non-Western countries, and post-colonial texts.

  • The percentage of teaching staff from Minority Ethnic backgrounds, including specialist subjects.

  • Support systems available to students and alumni of colour and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Having collated this data and carried out an examination of organisational processes, we would then provide a report to the institution setting out an action plan to implement strategies for improvement. In addition, we are also able to provide a bespoke service should the school wish to focus on specific issues.


The advantages of using our services is our impartiality as a third-party service which will demonstrate the school's pro-activity and commitment to anti-racism, as well as having an external eye to provide insight. This is not to mention our previous and extensive track record in tackling and speaking out against structural racism within the industry.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements or more information:  Contact@RaceEquality.co.uk